Calligraphy East and West

When Isabelle brilliantly combined traditional Chinese and English in her calligraphy drafts, Thich Nhat Hahn’s English calligraphy immediately came to mind. View a video on his calligraphy meditation.

Compare the renowned Cold Meal Scroll in semi-cursive script by Su Shih (1037-1101) with his friend’s cursive calligraphy . The cursive style can be wild and illegible, but this one is more restrained.

Cold Meal Scroll  Cursive Calligraphy

Isabelle’s calligraphy is mostly semi-cursive and cursive scripts. “Running script” is the semi-cursive form and “grass script” is the cursive. The running aspect of this script has more to do with the formation and connectedness of strokes within an individual character.

After working  at the Science and Technology Division at Taipei Representative Office in Europe and UK  for many years, Isabelle Chen Chia Yu pursues her passion in Calligraphy and  Chinese painting of flowers and birds after retirement.

Isabelle and Calligraphy  Isabelle and Calligraphy 1 Isabelle's long calligraphy 1

Isabelle's long calligraphy 2

Many thanks for her support in donating six works on favorite quotes of Chuang Tzu and Su Shih for promoting their thoughts and way of life with the ebooks Free Easy Mind and Millennium Charm on Amazon for the cause of Anders Home.

We worked under the same boss many years ago when she was a librarian and myself a science editor at National Science Council in Taiwan. Ten years later we were colleagues again for a couple years when she was working on international science cooperation and myself on science policy research after a switch to marketing. It is inconceivable that our path would cross again decades later on calligraphy and writing on ancient Chinese wisdom and way of life to bridge East and West for peace.



Free from Conflicts and Loss with 8 Steps of “Do Without” Charm

Conflicts arise when people have different views and then we are trapped in a tug of war. We are trapped in loss when we attach, would not let go or associate with whatever or whoever we are dealing with.

The meaning of Hanji or Chinese Characters of “Danshari” is detach, let go and dissociate.(Some parts are similar to Chuang Tzu’s teachings and Zen).

Problem at Hand : (e.g.Conflicts and Loss)

Free Easy Ways of Danshari

  1. What am I determined to do?
  2. Identify problem, understand cause and nature of things? 
    Problem: Conflicts and Loss
    Cause and Nature of Conflict: (Zen and Chuang Tzu)
    Cause and Nature of Loss:
  3. What cannot be changed?
    Identify. Accept. (Chuang Tzu) Detach, let go and dissociate .
  4. Rise beyond and view from above.
    (Chuang Tzu. Also remember “See one and not the loss”)
  5. What can be done?
  6. How to innovate unique interpretation?
    New Unique Interpretation:
    Need (Is there a real need?)
    Fit (Does it fit?)
    Comfortable (Do you feel at ease with it? Chuang Tzu)
  7. Self-reliant, free and easy (Chuang Tzu)
  8. Love and affirm